Vodafone: The Lumia 630 won’t get Windows 10 Mobile

Zac Bowden

Lumia 630

Vodafone, one of the larger carriers available in the UK, has today announced that the Microsoft Lumia 630, released back in 2014, has been removed from the “Windows 10 upgrade program”, without giving any real reason as to why the 630 will not be receiving the update. It’s also unclear whether this only applies to the Lumia 630 locked to Vodafone, or all Lumia 630 handsets.

What does this mean? Well, if you purchased a Lumia 630 on Vodafone, you won’t be getting Windows 10 Mobile officially sadly. You still have the option of upgrading via the Insider Program however, so not all is lost. We have contacted Vodafone for an official comment and will update accordingly when/if we hear back.


We’re hoping Vodafone will give us some kind of detailed explanation as to why the Lumia 630 will not be getting Windows 10, but in the meantime do you think there’s a logical explanation behind this? Let us know below!

Thanks for the tip, Tero!