VLC app for Windows 8.1 shown off in action on Windows 10, coming soon to the Windows Store

Staff Writer

VLC for Windows 8.1

The VideoLAN project showed off a screenshot for their redesign of VLC for Windows 8.1, running on Windows 10. This will be an updated app for Windows 8.1 Modern UI, and will hopefully be available in the Windows Store in a couple days.

It is a promising redesign, with seemingly good touch support. However, there is no indication if it will support Windows RT. Currently,  VLC for Windows 8 only supports x86 or x64 processors, which support the full Windows desktop. The only thing missing is a modern app version of VLC, which has been promised for quite some time now.

VLC for the modern UI and touch support has been plagued by issues and delays since its inception, but we continue to hope. VLC is a player that will play almost any format you throw at it, and having it available with full touch support in Microsoft’s Windows Store will be great for the ecosystem, especially once it hits RT.