See how Microsoft’s Surface tablet is used as a high-tech visitation system by jail inmates


See how Microsoft's Surface tablet is used as a high-tech visitation system by jail inmates

Microsoft’s Surface tablets are used on NFL sidelines, but that’s not the only place. Microsoft’s Surface tablets are not only used on NFL sidelines, but also in jail too. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. As part of HomeWAV’s unique visitation system that utilizes Internet-based video calling using a Surface tablet, inmates in jail facilities that utilize the high-tech visitation system can enjoy a more personal phone call with family members.

Likely using a Surface Pro 1 or Surface Pro 2, this visitation system features a custom application that allows inmates to make video calls to family members. First spotted by our friends at Neowin, a Surface tablet is mounted inside a large box secured to the wall. Inmates can then call their family members, after the family members have deposited money into the HomeWAV account. 

The cost of a visit is $.50 per minute. There is a $.50 fee for any purchase. A ten minute purchase would cost $5.00 plus $.50 for a total of $5.50. The minimum length of visit is 1 minute ($.50), which is collected when a call is connected. The maximum visit length is set by each facility and all sales of minutes are final.

The idea behind this high-tech visitation system is that family members can visit their loved ones in jail right from home. Driving all the way to the jail facility, waiting in line, and only seeing their loved one for a limited time is no longer necessary thanks to Microsoft’s Surface tablet. 

HomeWAV does not specify exactly why they selected the Surface tablet for this high-tech initiative, but we think they clearly made the right choice.