Video: Xbox 360 Limited Edition Star Wars Console Bundle


We learned recently that Microsoft and LucasArts are teaming up to launch the limited edition Kinect Star Wars bundle for the Xbox 360, complete with a gold controller, white Kinect sensor, and R2-D2 themed Xbox 360. This Star Wars themed bundle will go on sale this holiday season for $449.99.

The Star Wars themed Xbox 360 will include a 320GB hard drive, a wired headset, and a copy of Kinect Adventures. The Xbox 360 is patterned after R2-D2 from Star Wars and even has a robotic case design and custom droid-like power-on and tray-eject sounds. The gold controller is patterned after C3-PO, with fake “exposed” wiring under the controller.

This bundle will cost you $449.99 and comes with the new Kinect Star Wars game and is now available for pre-order. Microsoft also revealed a new Podracing mode for the game that will be released in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Here’s a video from InsideXbox that showcases the new Star Wars bundle: