Microsoft Sued Over Kinect Motion Tracking


It was only a matter of time before someone sued Microsoft for its widely popular Kinect motion sensing device for “patent infringement.” An Ohio based company is suing Microsoft claiming that the Kinect infringes on seven of its patents.

Impulse Technology Ltd, an Ohio based company, alleges that Microsoft infringed on its patents for technology that tracks and evaluates movement skills in multidimensional space.

Impulse Technology apparently told Microsoft to quit violating their patents back in March 2011, but obviously Microsoft brushed it off as a joke. This time, Impulse Technology filed a suit saying that Microsoft continues to indulge in “direct, inducing, and contributory infringement.” Impulse Technology also named several companies that make Kinect games as defendants, such as EA, UbiSoft, Sega, and Konami.

The Kinect, as we all know, was introduced by Microsoft as a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” for its Xbox video game platform back in 2010. It allows players to interact with games through physical gestures rather than using a controller. Microsoft announced in March of 2011 that the company had sold 10 million Kinect units overall since launch.

Impulse Technology wants a permanent injunction, damages, treble damages, interest, attorney fees, and costs. Microsoft has yet to issue a comment on this lawsuit.