Valve is bringing HDR to Linux gaming

Robert Collins

Valve is apparently working toward bringing HDR implementation to Linux systems. This is according to Valve coder Pierre-Loup Griffais, so the info is pretty reliable. Griffais announced on Twitter that the feature is in active development and already working for some games on Linux, including Halo Infinite, Deep Rock Galactic and Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

Griffais did, however, add that Valve’s development of HDR on Linux is still “very early and will need some time to back to be useful to most.”

For those who may be unfamiliar, HDR is “High Dynamic Range.” Simply put, it is the range of light intensities from highlights to shadow. HDR can allow for visuals that are more lifelike compared to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range).

Valve’s Steam Deck can only display SDR despite the Steam OS being Linux-based. However, it’s not hard to imagine that once HDR on Linux become fully-fledged, an OLED Steam Deck might not be far behind.

Via Gaming on Linux.