Unofficial Pocket client for Windows Phone ‘Poki 2’ set to arrive next week with a plethora of new features


Unofficial Pocket client for Windows Phone Poki 2 set to arrive next week with a plethora of new features

I love the internet. I really do. Every day the web provided me with tons of amazing articles and other content that I could spend all day reading and consuming. But as you would understand, I can’t invest so much time to reading. So, much like many of you, I save those articles to an offline reading app, which I fire up on my mobile devices during weekends and drool all over. One of the best apps for reading is Pocket. But the problem is we don’t have Pocket available for Windows Phone just yet. And that’s where Poki, a third-party Pocket client comes into play.

Released earlier this year, Poki is now all set to launch the version 2 of the app next week. In all fairness, the Poki v1 is pretty good looking and feature-rich, and the newer takes it to another level, bringing lots of handy features. The developers say that Poki version 2 will have a revamped interface, ability to perform several file operations when offline, as well as allow the app to sync for new content in the background.

Additionally, the new version will also provide us an “untagged” tag category, and ability to search tags for easier access. Users will now, for the first time be able to logout of their accounts.  Poki’s is also improving its integration with other apps, as a result of which users can now share articles from other apps directly with Poki.