Microsoft teases “Windows 9” name, could it be unveiled next week?

Zac Bowden


It’s common knowledge now that Microsoft is planning to unveil the next major-version of Windows next week, we’ve had countless screenshots and information from inside sources explain everything new in the most recent of builds. One thing that hasn’t leaked however is its name, simply because there isn’t a set name yet. Could Microsoft make a decision for next week?

Tom Warren and Mary Jo Foley were teasing names of “Windows 9” on Twitter yesterday, which resulted in a response from Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, Terry Myerson to respond with an image of him standing in front of what appears to be the new Windows logo, covering the most interesting parts.

Myerson responded to Tom Warren and Mary Jo Foley via email with an image and a message. The message says “We’re still deciding, but thanks for your vote.” The image is of Myerston standing in front of the Windows logo, hiding the ending of the logo which is where a “9” or “X” or something would sit.

Internally, Microsoft references Windows Threshold as Windows 9 or just Threshold. According to Tom Warrens sources, internally they call Windows Threshold “Windows X” too, where X would be where the new name would go.

It’s possible that Microsoft will decide on a name for its September 30th event next week, or we might have to wait a few more months until January, in which Microsoft plans on releasing a preview for consumers.