Microsoft Excel now allows users to unhide multiple worksheets at once

Rabia Noureen

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Microsoft has announced a new feature for Excel, which is designed to enable users to unhide multiple worksheets at once. The update is now generally available in Excel for the Web, Mac, and Windows for all Microsoft 365 subscribers.

The ability to hide or unhide a worksheet is a handy feature in Microsoft Excel. It helps users to restrict other people from viewing, corrupting, or manipulating the information on the hidden sheet. Prior to this update, there was no option for users to unhide two or more sheets at the same time, and they had to rely on different workarounds.

The company has finally addressed the issue in this update, and the unhide menu now allows users to select multiple worksheets simultaneously. This feature has been one of the top requests from users, and it has received more than 700 votes on the UserVoice forum.

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To use this feature, you’ll first need to right-click the “Sheet” tab at the bottom and select the “Unhide” option. Once the Unhide dialog box opens on the screen, press the Ctrl key (CMD key on Mac) and then select all the hidden sheets to unhide them.

Microsoft is currently working on some important updates for Excel, such as support for co-authoring protected Excel files. In case you missed it, Excel for the web is also adding the ability to see edits from colleagues over the past 60 days.