New Surface Pro ad compares it to “BackBook” in another jab at Apple

Arif Bacchus

Surface Pro Macbook Ad

Microsoft isn’t done taking jabs at Apple just yet. After a “The Better Choice” ad campaign featured a teen directly comparing Surface Pro 7 to a MacBook Pro, Microsoft is back again with yet another jab at Apple’s popular laptop. This time, as seen on Microsoft India’s Twitter account, the Redmond giant is poking fun at Macbooks as “BackBook.”

As most of Microsoft’s Surface ads have done so far, this one compares the versatility of the Surface Pro to the not-so versatile “BackBook.” A bit like the original Surface RT ad which had Siri detailing its own weaknesses against Surface, this ad begins with the Surface Pro talking to the “BacBook” directly. Surface turns towards Apple’s laptop and says “hey bro, can you do this? The ad then shows Surface Pro’s kickstand in use and the detachable Type Cover keyboard, too. Someone even attempts to do the same with a MacBook and pull the keyboard apart from the screen, but, unsurprisingly, completely fails.

The ad is quite funny if you’re a Surface or Microsoft fan, but at this point, it is quite niche and is getting a bit old. We’ve already seen Microsoft do this before in multiple ad campaigns. Even Intel has gone here, too, as it recently reignited the Mac vs PC feud by using the “I’m a Mac” guy against Apple.

Clearly, the MacBook Pro and the Surface Pro are two different machines. One is a tablet, and the other is a laptop. It’s fun to compare them against each other, but the two will always be very different, despite what such ads are trying to reveal. It would have been great if Microsoft spent more time comparing the Surface Laptop to the MacBook Pro instead.

But of course, each device has its own following and fan base, too. Let us know where you stand on the great debate. Are you team Surface, or team MacBook? Drop us a comment below.