Uber instructs users to use iOS and Android app instead of Windows Phone

Brad Stephenson

Uber on Windows Phone

In a bizarre example of customer service, Uber has officially instructed a user on Reddit to switch to iOS or Android after reporting some problems with the Windows Phone Uber app. The user had been having some trouble with the Uber app’s search and ability to properly display a driver’s location. When they reached out to Uber support for some assistance, or to at least inform them of the bugs, they were told that, “It seems like you were using a Windows Phone. I’m sorry to hear about this, but for now Uber app is not yet stable on Windows Phone.” The Uber support staff member then goes on to suggest that users use an, “Android phone or iOS supported phone for better use of the Uber app.”
Uber App
The Windows Phone Uber app has never really been as reliable as its counterpart on iOS or Android but to suggest users abandon an app or their chosen phone altogether seems a bit unusual, especially since Uber has been shown to have been working with Microsoft on Cortana and Windows 10 integration as recently as last month. Have you received a similar response from Uber or another app’s customer support? Let us know in the comments below.

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