Full list of Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles coming soon

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Stage

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has just tweeted that Microsoft will be releasing the full list of the initial 100 Xbox 360 games due for Xbox One compatibility on the 9th of November, just a few days before the backwards compatibility function comes to Xbox One consoles with the new user experience on November 12th.
Xbox 360 backwards compatibility was first announced during 2015’s E3 Microsoft conference and was met with tremendous excitement from Xbox One owners. While there are plenty of games on the Xbox One now, backwards compatibility will add up to 100 Xbox 360 titles to the system’s library this month and more Xbox 360 titles are promised to come in the future.
In addition to the backwards compatibility, the new user experience will also bring a complete redesign of the Xbox One operating system built on Windows 10 which will add support for Universal Apps and the future implementation of Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana.
What Xbox 360 game do you hope makes it to the list? Let us know in the comments below.