Trying to improve your group collaboration? Check out these interactive Office 365 online sessions

Arif Bacchus

In the world of business, nothing is more important that collaborating with fellow cohorts and putting all minds together to get things done right. If this is what you’re after, and if you’re trying to improve your group collaboration, then you might want to check out Microsoft’s interactive Office 365 online sessions.

According to Microsoft, each 90-minute session will “start with an online business roundtable discussing your biggest business challenges with a trained facilitator and then transitions into a live environment in the cloud.” You will also get to connect your own device to a remote desktop loaded with the company’s latest and greatest technology. Other areas covered in the sessions include:

  • How Microsoft Teams will keep everyone engaged in a threaded persistent chat
  • Information on how Microsoft Teams creates a hub for teamwork that works together with your other Office 365 apps.
  • Explore ways in which Microsoft Teams builds customized options for each team with channels, connectors, tabs and bots.
  • Find out how Microsoft Teams adds your personality to your team with emojis, GIFs and stickers.
  • How to keep information secure while being productive—make it easier to work securely and maintain compliance without inhibiting your workflow
  • How to quickly visualize and analyze complex data—zero in on the data and insights you need without having to involve a BI expert.
  • How to co-author and share content quickly—access and edit documents even while others are editing and reviewing them all at the same time.
  • How to get immediate productivity gains.

If the details on these online sessions have grabbed your attention, you might want to act fast, since space is limited, and each session is only open to 12 positions. You may visit this link to register if you’re a U.S. based customer, and this link of you’re outside the U.S. Once you’ve registered, let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!