TripAdvisor’s new Universal app will be pre-loaded on new Windows 10 PCs

Kellogg Brengel


Last December we reported TripAdvisor updated its app as a universal app for Windows 10. Now, the TripAdvisor and Microsoft are announcing that the TripAdvisor universal app for Windows 10 will be pre-loaded on Windows 10 devices.

The app will be available in 47 markets and be pre-loaded on millions of Windows 10 devices. The pre-loaded app will give Windows users an easy default way to plan, compare and book multiple aspects of their trips. With TripAdvisor, users can compare and book flights, hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, and even scout and book attractions to see on their trip. Additionally, the app includes over 290 million user reviews and 46 million candid travel photos of hotels, restaurants and attractions to help you pick your travel itinerary. Devices with GPS will also be able to use the Near Me Now tool to find out what points of interest are around you when you are on the road.

In today’s press release, the director of TripAdvisor’s mobile partnerships, Rory Kenny said:

“The new TripAdvisor Windows 10 app offers users a comprehensive resource to help them plan and book their trips. Mobile continues to be a huge driver of traffic to TripAdvisor, in fact half of our traffic now comes via mobile. We are excited that Windows Phone users will now be able to plan, compare and book hotels, restaurants and attractions within the TripAdvisor app.”

Microsoft’s corporate VP of developer platform & evangelism Steve Guggenheimer added:

“Microsoft is excited with TripAdvisor’s continued commitment to Windows 10 with the release of their new app built on the Universal Windows Platform. With Windows 10 running on over 200 million devices worldwide, we’re excited to provide our fans great experiences such as TripAdvisor’s comprehensive booking tools, user reviews and travel photos from around the globe, on any Windows 10 device.”

The universal app is currently available for both PC and Mobile, so if you are planning a trip and want an all-in-one way to plan and book your next excursion, head over to the Windows Store in the box below to pick up TripAdvisor.