This feature that never made it to the retail version of Microsoft Edge could be coming back

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Edge

Features in Microsoft Edge Canary are known to come and go. One of those was Workspaces, which was a way to organize tabs and windows in the browser. It never made the cut to the final version of Edge, but it looks like Workspaces could be making a comeback soon (via Neowin.)

Hints of the return of the feature was recently spotted by Redditor Leopeva64-2. According to him, a recent Edge Canary build now has a toggle for a Workspace button under Edge’s Appearance settings page, but “the button itself is not yet available.” This could be an indication that Microsoft might have future plans for the feature.

Edge’s Workspace feature (Image via Neowin.)

As a reminder, Workspaces functions a bit as Collections would. Rather than save individual tabs, it lets you save and rename open windows, assign colors to windows, and toggle between the spaces with a button in the corner of the browser. The feature definitely seems useful, so we hope that it might indeed make a return.

In related news, the latest Edge Canary release also has a new Microsoft Office button, though not on by default. This button offers access to the online versions of Word, Excel, and OneNote. Enabling it in the Appearance settings adds an Office icon to your Edge toolbar, and you can click it to see all the available apps in a sidebar.