Could an Among Us and Halo Crossover be in the works?

Robert Collins

It appears that a very unlikely crossover just may be in the works, according to a post from the official Among Us Twitter account. The tweet features an image of a crewmate that looks suspiciously like Master Chief.

The official Halo Twitter account has retweeted the tweet, which strongly suggests that there is indeed something to it. No details have been unveiled at this point, however, and whether the potential crossover would include more than just Halo-themed character skins remains to be seen.

Among Us is the 2018 breakout hit online multiplayer “social deception” game, which saw a spike in popularity in 2020. It is presently available on Xbox Game Pass (as is Halo Infinite).

For its part, the Halo franchise has been on a roll as of late with the latest installment, Halo Infinite, releasing in November 2021 and a television series – simply titled Halo – releasing on March 24 to set viewership records for Paramount+ within 24 hours of its launch.