Third-party Xbox One Kinect TV mount also blinds the camera from spying on you


Microsoft Xbox One Kinect device

Microsoft’s Kinect device, which comes with the upcoming Xbox One entertainment console, has been the center of controversy when it comes to privacy. However, a third-party company is releasing a Kinect TV mount that doubles as a camera cover, easing your concerns about someone spying on you.

PDP, the company who makes the Kinect TV mount, is set to release this accessory in December of this year but Amazon already has a listing page up. The price of the device is $19.99 as of right now and the device simply lets you clip-mount your Kinect to your TV.

“Mount your Xbox One Kinect Sensor to nearly any TV with the Kinect TV Mount. It’s fast and easy to install, requiring no tools. Perfect for flat panel HD TVs. The privacy cover protects your privacy by blocking both the RGB and IR cameras,” the product description reads.

While Microsoft has already stated that they would not spy on their users, those who have a hard time believing that can purchase this TV mount which will cover both the RGB and IR sensors. There is also the option to just unplug the Kinect.