Microsoft releases Xbox One dashboard video, highlights multitasking

Zac Bowden

Xbox One Dashboard

The Xbox One is less than one month away and today Microsoft has released a video demoing the new Xbox One dashboard. The dashboard on Xbox One is far superiour to that on the Xbox 360, with the ability to do multiple things at once and listen to your voice for much more complex commands.

The video shows off the brand new Xbox One Dashboard UI, which heavily resembles the Start Screen on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The video also demos voice gestures, allowing the user to do pretty much anything within the dashboard with your voice. The player is seen watching a movie, and asks the Xbox to look for a game in Titanfall. Once Titanfall is ready, the player just tells Xbox to switch to the game. Simple as!

You can watch the video below. It was originally posted on, but was pulled soon after. We expect Microsoft are planning to official talk about this video very soon. So stick around for that!