These are the top ten free apps in the Windows Phone Store as of March 29, 2015


These are the top ten free apps in the Windows Phone Store as of March 29th 2015

At the beginning of this month, we revealed that Microsoft had reached the 200,000 app milestone in the Windows Store, with 300,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, accounting for a total of 500,000 apps on the Windows platform. With so many apps now on the Windows Phone platform, let’s take a look and see which ones are at the top of the charts.

  • Facebook — Facebook is at the top of the charts, having over 90,718 ratings and available for free on Windows Phone. This app has 3 stars.
  • OneDrive — This app has over 17,000 ratings and is available for free. This app has 4 stars.
  • Messenger — This app lets your message your Facebook friends with ease, and has over 16,306 reviews with a 3 star rating.
  • Pandora — This fantastic music streaming service lets you pin your favorite stations to the Start screen. This app has 4 stars.
  • WhatsApp — One of the most popular messaging apps on the planet, available for free with over 20,908 reviews. This app has 4 stars.
  • Instagram Beta — This app is on the top-ten list but hasn’t been updated in a long time. It has over 76,634 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars.
  • Skype — Make free video and voice calls as well as send instant messages to friends and family around the world. Currently has 3 stars.
  • YouTube — A basic app from Microsoft, with over 21160 reviews and an average rating of 3 stars.
  • Adobe Reader — Let’s you view PDF files on your Windows Phone device. Has 3.5 stars.
  • Tube Download — This app lets you download YouTube videos to your phone or SD card. Has close to 5 stars with 19,777 reviews.

Facebook has been at the top of the charts for a long time now, along with the Messenger app. The official Instagram app, on the other hand, made its debut back in November of 2013, with the most recent app update being made available in March of 2014. Since then, there has not been a new update, nor has the app exited “Beta.” 

It is one thing to finally get a top brand onto your platform, but it is a whole new thing to have them maintain the app. It seems like Instagram on Windows Phone was forgotten about — let’s hope I am wrong and an update gets released soon.

Microsoft has 300,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, thanks to hard working developers who have spent time and effort in caring for the platform. Sound off in the comments below and tell us what your top app is and if you use any of the top-ten free apps listed above.