Windows 10 news recap: Spartan build leaked, developer SDK and more

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

Another Windows 10 news week done and dusted. First up, Windows 10 build 10014 (yes, not 10041) leaked onto the internet earlier this week with an early version of the highly-anticipated Spartan browser. Other than Spartan, the leaked build doesn’t include anything too interesting. Spartan in build 10014 is very old, it’s unfinished and super buggy so those who wish to download should keep that in mind.

Up next, this week saw Microsoft drop the official Windows 10 SDK for Developers, which allows said developers to begin building apps optimized for Windows 10. The new SDK comes with an emulator with Windows 10 for phones build 10030, which is newer than build 9941 given to Insiders a few weeks ago. You can download the SDK now and begin building apps!

Also this week, Microsoft pushed out Windows 10 build 10041 to Slow Insiders, meaning ISOs too got pushed out for those who wish to clean install. Those in the fast ring got build 10041 last week, and now, after some issues with start menu transparency have been fixed and pushed out, the Windows team is ready to give build 10041 the “slow ring” stamp of approval.

Finally, Microsoft posted an updated to Insiders which gave insight on the upcoming Windows 10 for phones preview. Microsoft is testing a number of new Lumias which should be compatible with the next W10FP preview, however the Lumia 930 and 521 may miss out due to a bug which the company is working on.

So there you have it, another week of Windows 10 news in the bag. What was your favorite story?