The Tesla Holiday Update adds Steam and Apple Music integration

Robert Collins

Tesla has released its Holiday Update, and it comes with a number of big additions to the Tesla experience, some of which have been previously hinted at throughout the year. Below is a summary of what the Tesla Holiday Update includes.

Steam games

You can now play games from Valve’s Steam PC gaming platform. While Tesla had previously offered certain games through its Tesla arcade, this exciting new integration will open up a wealth of new gaming options. Note that Steam (beta) integration is only available in Tesla X and S models from 2022 or newer with 16GB RAM.

Apple Music

Tesla cars will not feature Apple Music integration as well. Stream over 100 million songs ad-free and listen to live radio stations. Note that a Premium Connectivity subscription is required to stream Apple Music via a cellular connection.

Light Show mode

Perhaps most appropriately for a Tesla Holiday Update is the ability to schedule “light shows.” While this isn’t exactly a brand-new feature (light shows rolled out last year), it is newly upgraded. Now users can schedule light shows up to 10 minutes’ duration.

Make Zoom calls

You may have noticed Dog Mode and Sentry Mode in the tweet above. These modes allow you to view the inside of the car via the Tesla mobile app. With the Tesla Holiday Update you can now also use the car’s cabin camera to make Zoom calls. (Of course, it’s not recommended you do this while actually driving).

Other Tesla Holiday Update additions

There are a host of other new features and improvements as well. See here for the full release notes. To mention just a few more of the neat things update 2022.44.25.1 brings:

  • Bluetooth game controller support
  • Auto turn signals
  • For those who want it: Track Mode, which offers powertrain setting configurations designed for use on closed courses and optimized for performance tires. Track Mode also allows users to view the G-meter accelerometer on the touchscreen.

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