The people’s choice: Windows 10 reigns supreme over Windows 11

Priya Walia

windows laptop

In the latest Desktop Windows Version Market Share Worldwide report, it has been revealed that Windows 10 is still holding strong as the preferred choice of users, continuing to surpass Windows 11, released two years ago this week.

The report highlights the fact that many users are hesitant to adopt the latest operating system and continue to trust Windows 10. According to the statistics from September 2023, Windows 10 still dominates the market with a staggering share of 71.64%, while Windows 11 lags with only 23.61%. Although outdated, Windows 7 still holds a significant presence with 3.34%, followed by Windows 8.1 at 0.61%, Windows 8 at 0.35%, and Windows XP at 0.34%.

The reluctance of users to transition to Windows 11 can be attributed to several factors, one of which is the strong trust that users have placed in Windows 10. Over the years, Windows 10 has proven to be a reliable and stable operating system, earning the loyalty of users who are hesitant to abandon it for a newer alternative.

Of course the strict hardware requirements are another factor, as businesses and consumers take their time upgrading to devices allowed to run Windows 11.

The familiar interface, consistent performance, and extensive compatibility with software and hardware have solidified Windows 10’s place as a favorite among desktop users.

Another factor hampering the adoption of Windows 11 is the fear of encountering compatibility issues. Many users rely on legacy programs and applications that may not be fully compatible with the newer operating system. As a result, they choose to stick with Windows 10, which ensures a seamless experience with their existing software ecosystem.

Furthermore, the initial hiccups and bugs experienced by some users during the early release of Windows 11 have further fueled apprehension among the desktop community. This has reinforced the perception that Windows 10 is a more reliable and stable choice for personal and professional use.

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