The Office 365 team explains how to get ready for large-scale virtual presentations

Kareem Anderson

Different work environments create different opportunities for gathering employees, vendors, business partners and associates together for the ever so important meeting. This week, Microsoft’s Business Academy is looking into the unique considerations necessary for hosting a large-scale virtual meeting.

First up, IT Pros should acquaint themselves with the type of virtual meeting solution they would need. Thus far options include, video call, Webinar, broadcast.

Identifying the type of meeting is only a small part of the virtual conference experience.

Next, up is considering presentation location logistics. Microsoft’s Office team offers some suggestions in what to look for.

Ensure your selected location has all the necessary elements to support all your technical needs during the presentation. Look for things like:

  • Internet/Wi-Fi strength.
  • Computer availability and features (webcams, etc.).
  • Installed software updates (to avoid last-minute downloads).
  • Number of outlets, extra internet connections and other connectivity considerations.
  • Space for extra people, cameras and equipment to ensure there’s room for someone from your IT team to be on-site for support during the presentation.

Other important considerations

While not necessarily your IT department’s responsibilities, there are a number of different parts of a large-scale broadcast which might affect your team’s ability to successfully broadcast a large-scale presentation.

  • Camera quality—Whether you’re broadcasting with a built-in webcam or an external device, look for a high-quality camera that shoots in HD.
  • Sound quality—Unbalanced or extreme sound fluctuations distract audiences. Your IT department can help by researching the best mics available and ensuring that none of the other technology in the room will distract from the broadcast.

After an IT Pro has checked the above list of considerations, a virtual meeting should be a breeze to execute. Expectedly, the Office team recommends using Skype Meeting Broadcast to help alleviate the headaches that can arise when setting up of a virtual meeting environment.