The Microsoft-Activision Blizzard merger gains more support

David Allen

Another country has approved the Microsoft Activision-Blizzard merger.  Today the Competition Tribunal of South Africa has approved the merger without any conditions, bringing the total to 39 countries that have given approval.  The posted decision didn’t offer any details, just full support for the merger to run its course.

Most of the world has approved the deal without any restrictions, though in May the European Union did pass the deal with restrictions.  As of now, two countries have shown objections to the deal; the UK’s CMA blocked the deal saying Microsoft would have an unfair advantage in cloud gaming.

Keep in mind, this could all be for nothing depending on the outcome of the FTC’s efforts to block the deal here in the United States.  A decision to allow the FTC to temporarily block the deal while they complete their process could come down as soon as later this week. If you’d like a full recap on the latest FTC efforts without having to shuffle through information, check out this week’s OnPodcast episode.

Via Neowin