The Golf Club 2019 and Comic Jumper are now both free on Xbox One consoles

Brad Stephenson

The Golf Club 2019 video game on Xbox One

The two mid-May Games With Gold titles, The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA TOUR and Comic Jumper, are now both available to claim, download, and play for free on Xbox One consoles for all Xbox Gold Live subscribers.

The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA TOUR came out in late-2018 and features local and online multiplayer golf matches for up to four players and also plays in 4K UHD when played on an Xbox One X console.

Comic Jumper launched on the Xbox 360 console way back in 2010 and is now playable on the Xbox One due to added backwards compatibility. The game is a stylized 2.5D action title that adapts its visual style to match a variety of comic book genres from which its levels are based.

Every month, Microsoft gifts around four full video game titles to gamers who are part of the Xbox Live Gold monthly subscription service. Two games are typically added at the beginning of the month while two additional titles are swapped in around the 15th.

Do you have Xbox Live Gold and will you be downloading either of these titles? Let us know which one you’ll be playing in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest for more Xbox gaming content.

The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA TOUR
The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA TOUR
Developer: 2K
Price: $49.99

Comic Jumper
Comic Jumper
Developer: Microsoft Studios
Price: $14.99