Tera Online now entering closed beta, signup available for this MMORPG


Tera Online, an upcoming fantasy MMORPG from Bluehole Studios, has now entered a closed beta program and signups are now available. Tera Online emphasizes skill combat and will have no instances. Gamers will have full control over the attacks and the fate of the enemy.

The developers have officially opened the closed beta program for this game. There are multiple phases of the closed beta, called “preview events” and will each require a unique invitation. The closed beta even ends in an open beta testing phase.

You can signup for the closed beta here, and here are the methods to enter each phase:

  • TERA‘s closed beta tests each require a unique invitation. Each invitation will indicate which closed beta test it is valid for. Submitting your email address more than once won’t increase your chances of receiving an invitation.
  • Invitations to TERA‘s closed beta test will be distributed before each event based on random selection.
  • Invitations to TERA‘s open beta test will be distributed to everyone who signs up to be a TERA beta tester.
  • If you participated in our TERA alpha test, your access will extend to allTERA beta tests.
  • We will introduce additional methods of securing an invitation to TERA‘s closed beta tests such as official contests and giveaways.