CES 2012: Want to run Android apps on Windows 8’s Metro interface?


BlueStacks, a company notable for bringing Android apps to Windows 7, is now setting its sights on having as many Android apps on Windows 8 as possible. During the Consumer Electronics Show, BlueStacks announced that it would be working on bringing Android apps on Windows 8’s Metro interface.

“The Metro UI is beautiful, but the number one thing Windows 8 is missing is apps. This changes all that,” BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma stated.

Apparently, BlueStacks has managed to integrate Android apps into Windows 8’s app tiles. This process pretty much makes Android apps hard to tell apart from Windows apps. The idea behind this process is an emulation app player that allows for Android apps to run on Windows.

BlueStacks has already partnered up with Taiwanese manufacturer InHon to pre-load the Android app player on Windows 8 Ultrabooks.