TED joins the growing list of universal apps with a new Windows 10 offering for PCs and mobile

Kareem Anderson

Windows fans of in-depth discussions on the broad and fringe fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design now have a TED universal app to turn to for both PC and mobile devices. The 31-year old non-profit forum for discussion has officially launched its universal app for Windows 10 PCs and mobile phones.
Twice a year, leaders, observers, critics and fans come together for a week-long TED conference experience (or TED Talks), that consist of 50-plus discussions as well as morning and evening get-togethers to explore various critiques and disciplines. The new TED app captures it all and enables sorting and filtering to get fans to the topics and discussions that mean the most to them.
Visually speaking, the new app looks strikingly similar to the News app for Windows 10, equipped with a familiar Red, Black and White color scheme for the menu settings. Stashed to the right of the app is the usual layout of the hamburger menu that houses icons for sections that include Featured, TED Talks, Playlist, TED-Ed videos, TEDx Talks, a ‘surprise me’ section more.
For users who are holding out for the pivot navigation to return, the TED app also incorporates swipeable UI elements that help navigate through:

  • Newest releases
  • Most viewed
  • Trending now
  • Hidden Gems
  • Explore the Full Library

As most TED conference discussions are an auditory experience, many incorporate visual presentations as well video documentation and the new universal TED app is fully equipped with an in-app video browser for such viewing. Videos can also be downloaded to devices for offline or later viewing. Another nifty feature the TED app incorporates is the line by line transcript of each presentation. Unable to watch the video or lost your place in the presentation, the transcript option pulls up the presentation in text format and reads along with the presenter while keeping an underlined note during the talk.
Transcripts can currently be translated into nine languages. On mobile devices, fans can press and hold images to gain a ‘pop out’ feature for brief summary and synopsis of videos and topics before fully committing to a discussion as well.
The new Windows 10 universal TED app is a full-featured experience that houses a lot of information as well as a laundry list of sections. For anyone new to TED conferences, check out the app to discover poignant and inspiring discussions from likes of Matt Cutts, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, Amanda Palmer and even Steve Jobs.

Developer: TED Conferences LLC
Price: Free