Taskbar Notification Badges are coming to Windows 10 Universal apps



During a session at Build 2016, Microsoft revealed new features coming to Windows 10 via the upcoming Anniversary Update — chasable live tiles, adaptive notifications, an improved action center, and much more. One feature that wasn’t really talked about much but evident during the session was taskbar badging. As you can see in the image below, taskbar badging is for Universal Windows Platform apps and showcases a notification counter on the taskbar.

Instead of seeing a notification counter on the live tile or in the action center, you can now see a notification counter on the taskbar. Granted, this may require some work on the app developer’s part to make this a reality, but it will definitely allow for a better user experience. Imagine having the Mail app or Facebook app running and receiving notification counters on the taskbar for new messages.

How do you feel about this new improvement to Windows 10? Share your thoughts in the comments below. What else would you like to see?