Microsoft Band 2 gets a huge April 2016 update

Michael Cottuli

Band 2 music controls

Band users, rejoice! Microsoft Health has received a significant update, improving the quality of life for all Band users. This new update adds several new features along with the standard array of bug fixes, and is most certainly going to be one of the updates that you notice the next time you boot up Microsoft Health. Here’s a look at the change log:

  • Connect and compete with your friends – Create challenges for steps, floors climbed, cardio minutes, runs, and bike rides between you and your Facebook friends who also use Microsoft Health.
  • Choose which apps send you notifications – Get notifications from only the apps you care about most.
  • Add more tiles to your Microsoft Band 2 – You can now choose up to 20 tiles to appear on your Microsoft Band 2 start strip.

With the new addition of challenges in Microsoft Health, the competitive people among us are going to be able to have a new-found interest in using their Band. As long as one of your friends on Facebook has Microsoft Health, you’re going to be able to match up against them in a wide array of different challenges, adding a bit of fun to something that may have previously failed to engage some would-be athletes.

The other two features are more just to make the Band experience smoother, less annoying, and just a little bit nicer all around. The ability to choose which apps send you notifications is going to be very helpful for Microsoft Health users who don’t want to be spammed by notifications from each and every one of their applications, and the ability to add more tiles just puts a little bit more choice in the hands of the user.

It’s important to note that the ability to choose which apps send notifications seems to be locked to the Windows version of the app right now, as it is only listed in the app’s change log in the Microsoft Store, but not in Google Play or the App Store.

Microsoft Band
Microsoft Band
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The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁