Latest SwiftKey for Android update lets users change the position of the Bing button

Kevin Okemwa

Swiftkey for Android

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Ever since Microsoft extended it’s partnership with OpenAI by making a multi-billion dollar investment, we’ve seen the company revolutionize how people interact with the web starting with the new Bing that’s designed to serve as an AI copilot for the web for users.

Microsoft has also incorporated AI capabilities across its services and products to enhance efficiency as well as the user experience. And while this is an incredible feat, the new Bing has had its own fair share of criticism as well as applause.

There have been lots of complaints lodged by users highlighting their frustrations, indicating how the new Bing has impacted their user experience. This sentiments have been echoed by several SwiftKey users who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new AI capabilities injected to the platform, specifically the new Bing button lodged on the toolbar.

I originally purchased Swiftkey many years ago back when it was the gold standard in keyboards. It was in it’s name, quick, minimal with no clutter. Then Microsoft purchased it and now I’m finally done with it, uninstalling it after possibly 10+ years of using it. The addition of a bing button was the final droplet, stop forcing us to look at your ugly child microsoft. But that’s not the only issue, it’s become slow and sluggish, bloated with things that have no right being in a keyboard app. – Sean Minnaert

However, with the latest SwiftKey for Android update, Microsoft has added a new capability that lets users remove the Bing button from the toolbar if they have no use for it.

All you need to do, is update your SwiftKey for Android app to the latest version, then launch the app and click the ellipses on the toolbar. Next, tap on the Bing button and drag it from the toolbar to remove it. This way you can now access features you find more important and useful easily.

Aside form the ability to customize the Bing button, Microsoft has also integrated the new Bing to SwiftKey in three major ways. That is, Search, Chat, and Tone. All these features are designed to help improve the user’s browsing experience while simultaneously helping them save time.

Additionally, the new update also ships with plenty of bug fixes as well as stability improvements. In related news, Microsoft seems to have pulled down SwiftKey’s forums page, with speculations that it’s the company’s bid to avoid backlash from users after adding the new Bing AI button.