Survey claims PlayStation 4 will beat Xbox One during early phase of next gen console war


Xbox One vs PS4

The next generation console wars are heating up. According to a recent survey, Sony’s PlayStation 4 will beat Microsoft’s Xbox One during the early phase of the next generation console war. In fact, according to the survey conducted by Strategy Analytics, Sony’s PS4 has a 50% lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console.

“Our survey suggests that consumers believe the PS4 will win the early phase of the next generation console war. Sony’s performance at E3 was widely accepted as superior to Microsoft’s, and the survey evidence suggests this has already fed through to the wider consumer market,” said Jia Wu. He is a Director at Strategy Analytics.

Results from the survey of over 6,000 respondents across the US and Europe in June of 2013 indicate that 14.2% of consumers are very or somewhat likely to purchase a Sony PS4 within the next twelve months. This is compared to the 9.5% of consumers who want to purchase a Xbox One. Strategy Analytics has used this data as the source of an argument that sales of PS4 would be nearly 50% higher than Xbox One.

Despite the fact that the Xbox 360 trumps the PS3 in the United States, the PS4 leads in both the US and Europe, according to the data. In the key 20 to 35 age group, 30% of respondents are very or somewhat likely to purchase a PS4, compared to 20% for the Xbox One.

But remember, Microsoft is willing to adapt to consumer response, as evident during the Xbox One DRM and always online policy fiasco. “There are still likely to be a few twists and turns before market launch. Microsoft has already demonstrated a willingness to listen to consumer concerns and it will now need to leverage the retention power of Xbox Live and invest in exclusive games if Xbox One is going to recover from its poor showing at E3,” Strategy Analytics adds.

Do you think the PS4 will beat the Xbox One? Consider that both devices are set for release during this years holiday season, so they will go head to head during the initial phase of the next gen console war.

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