Ballmer: We made too many Surface RT’s, Windows isn’t selling well enough

Zac Bowden


Microsoft, the company so full of enthusiasm with its Windows and Surface products, has admitted today that they over prepared with the Surface RT by building too many devices, and that Windows isn’t selling as well as they had hoped.

Ballmer states that they had “… built a few more devices than we could sell,” which explains the recent $900 million loss for Surface RT’s. Microsoft built so many devices that they slashed the price of the Surface RT by 30% to try and clear stock.

Ballmer also admitted that Microsoft wasn’t selling Windows devices as much as they wanted. He blames the lack of retail stores not properly promoting Windows hardware.

It’s unfortunate to see that both Surface RT and Windows devices aren’t selling as well as expected as both products are Microsoft’s vision of the future. Hopefully Microsoft will do better with the next generation version of Surface RT and Windows 8.1.