Surface tablet has earned Microsoft $853 million dollars from debut to June 30th 2013



According to a new report, Microsoft has publicly disclosed how much money the company has made in revenue from its Surface tablet lineup. This data comes from the annual Form 10-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission. So how much as Microsoft made? $853 million dollars since launch!

“Microsoft just filed its annual Form 10-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and deep in the filing is the first public disclosure of the company’s revenue from its Surface tablet lineup: $853 million,” the report states. This figure covers the launch of the Surface tablet up until the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year on June 30th of 2013. Microsoft has not disclosed how many Surface devices were sold nor do we know exactly which Surface device (Surface RT or Surface Pro) sold the most or least.

Microsoft recently slashed prices of its Surface RT tablet by nearly $150 dollars, after reporting a $900 million dollar loss for its Surface devices during its quarterly earnings report recently. According to new data, Windows 8 and Windows RT based tablets account for 4.5% of the global tablet market as of Q2 2013.

As GeekWire reports, $853 million amounts to roughly 4.4 percent of the total Windows Division revenue of $19.2 billion, which was reported by Microsoft recently. And obviously, $853 million in revenue is less than the $900 million charge that Microsoft took from the Surface brand.

“Windows Division operating income decreased, primarily due to higher cost of revenue and sales and marketing expenses, offset in part by revenue growth. Cost of revenue increased $1.8 billion, reflecting a $1.6 billion increase in product costs associated with Surface and Windows 8, including a charge for Surface RT inventory adjustments of approximately $900 million. Sales and marketing expenses increased $1.0 billion or 34%, reflecting an $898 million increase in advertising costs associated primarily with Windows 8 and Surface,” the filing states.

Keep in mind that Microsoft has spend a ton of money to advertise the Surface RT and Surface Pro. Unfortunately, it was not good enough.