San Francisco developers treated with free cupcakes as part of Internet Explorer’s #CakeOut


IE Cakeout

If you are in San Francisco today and you are a developer, Microsoft is treating you with free cupcakes as part of the Internet Explorer CakeOut campaign. This campaign is designed to tout the company’s free tools that are available via modern.IE to create websites that work with IE. As Microsoft puts it, it’s now a “piece of cake!”

Partnering with Kara’s Cupcakes, Microsoft is delivering free cupcakes to developers in San Francisco in celebration of the recent release of Internet Explorer 11 Dev Preview for Windows 7. “It’s a #CakeOut! The IE11 Developer Preview is now available for Windows 7 and to celebrate, Internet Explorer is delivering Kara’s Cupcakes to San Francisco developers! And what goes best with free cupcakes? How about some free web tools to make testing and coding your site easier! With the free tools available on modern.IE, targeting IE has never been easier—in fact, it’s a piece of cake!” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft is even making special deliveries to developers in San Francisco, all you have to do is tweet your office address to @IE and Microsoft might make a “special delivery.” Thusfar, GitHub and Disqus have both received special deliveries from Microsoft. Cupcakes are not a new thing with the Internet Explorer team, as the company would routinely send cupcakes to Mozilla for any new release of their Firefox browser.

Update: Looks like the Google Chrome team along with the Mozilla Firefox team also snagged up some free cupcakes. Check out the pictures below:

IE Cakeout with Google
IE Cakeout with Mozilla