Surface Pro and Laptop upgrades may be missing from Microsoft’s Sept. 21 event

Kareem Anderson

Surface Pro 8 and Pro Display

Surface Pro fans may be in for a bit of a let down on September 21, 2023, where leaks of discussed hardware for the event focus on select laptops and the entry Surface Go line up while completely omitting any reference to a Surface Pro 10 or Surface Laptop.

According to German-based publication WinFuture, retailer databases are “confirming” that Microsoft plans to ship updates to its Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Laptop Go, and Surface Go but make no mention of Surface Laptop or Surface Pro upgrade details.

Last year, Microsoft gave its Surface Laptop a spec upgrade while combining design languages for the Surface Pro and Surface Pro X product lines and bringing its Surface Studio into 2023 with modern chipsets and GPUs. However, in 2023 Microsoft seems content with its upgrades to last year’s Surface Laptop, Surface Studio and Surface Pro line up and will be focusing instead on its more auxiliary computing hardware.

Based on the dealer databases WinFuture pulled their info from and our earlier reporting, Microsoft’s niche content creation device the Surface Laptop Studio will get the latest 13th Gen Intel chip starting with an i7 13800H variant as well as a base 16GB of RAM and optional 32GB upgrades with 512 and 1T GB of storage. The biggest upgrade to the Surface Laptop Studio this year will be its support of NVIDIA 40 series GPU that should help boost its content creation performance value proposition from 2021.

Microsoft also plans to unveil upgrades to the Surface Laptop Go with a third iteration that should get an Alder Lake variant of Intel’s 12th Gen Core i5-1235U SoC. While it may seem like a step backwards, Microsoft’s entry-level EDU and fleet computer lineup will benefit from two proficiency cores speed up to 4.4GHz and eight optimization cores paired with 128 or 256GB of SSD storage and 8GB of RAM of memory.

Lastly, Microsoft will be once again going with Intel to power its Surface Go rather than stuffing a rumored ARM processor into its entry-level tablet computer. Intel will be bringing its N200 Alder Lake-N series quad-core processor to the sub-11-inch tablet computer that can boost to 3.7GHz clock rate paired with 8GB of RAM and base 64GB of memory with upgrade options of 128 and 256.

Each of the listed upgrades for 2023 from Microsoft are all planned to come with price increase as base specs are booted slightly.

Without any word on upgrades for the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro planned for 2023, Microsoft will seemingly have a rather big hole in its mainstream consumer product lineup this year for the first time since the company started delivering its first party computing solutions.