The Surface Laptop Studio is getting a Voice Clarity feature later in April

Arif Bacchus

Microsofts April 5 “Windows Powers the Future of Hybrid Work” event featured a ton of news on the Windows 11 front. Covered were some new AI-powered conferencing features that will be coming to Windows 11 PCs with Qualcomm CPUs that feature neural processing units. Yet, Microsoft also had some news about its own device, the Surface Laptop Studio which will be getting a voice clarity feature later this month (via Neowin.)

The Voice Clarity feature works as you’d think it would. It uses the Surface Laptop Studio’s studio microphones to clean up your Teams calls. That means echoes, and background noises, will all be removed from your calls. High-bandwidth voice capture will also improve the way you sound when you walk around during a meeting, too.

There’s no word yet on when other Windows 11 PCs will get this feature. Surface Laptop users can expect to find it via a firmware update delivered in Windows Update, and future Surface devices will also get voice clarity in a “staggered manner.”