343 Industries issues apology for bugs affecting Halo Infinite multiplayer

Kevin Okemwa

Halo Infinite Xbox 20th anniversary items

343 Industries came out to apologize for the challenges that have been facing Halo Infinite Multiplayer, despite their previous attempt to resolve the game’s slow progression. They highlighted that they are currently working on fixes to get ahead of the problem, however, most of their efforts are geared toward the upcoming Season 2. (via Stevivor)

“Right now the focus is on [Season 2] and we’ll have more to share on that in the coming weeks,” he continued. “Meanwhile a lot of production planning, costing, planning, hiring, etc.. is all happening which doesn’t really lend to detailed regular updates. We understand the community is simply out of patience and frankly, I think understandably tired of words. We just need some time for the team to get the details sorted and then we can certainly share as much as we can.”

Due to the eminent connection issues facing players late last year, 343 industries reduced the number of players within Big Team Battle. Later on, they released a hotfix that did not work as expected.

Also, as a way of making amends 343 Industries has further unlocked all ten rewards for all players. However, it is still unclear when they will be able to resolve this issue. We will have to wait for future updates to see if the bugs have been fixed.