You can now get the Microsoft Surface Duo at the lowest price ever, just $740 at CDW

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Surface Duo Review Featured Image

Microsoft’s Surface Duo dual-screen Android phone is one expensive venture, coming in at $1,400, but if you’ve been holding off on one due to the price, you might want to check out a hot deal right now. Noted by the folks on Reddit, the Surface Duo is now just $740 at the online wholesale retailer CDW.

With that sale price, you’re saving nearly half off the price of the base model Duo with 128GB of storage, coming in at a total of $660. Do note, though, that checking out the device on the desktop version of the CDW website shows the device is unavailable for purchase. But, on the mobile version, which is linked here, you can add it to your cart and checkout.

As many on the Surface Duo Subreddit have pointed out, it should be noted that CDW is a wholesaler for businesses, so ordering just a single unit might not guarantee that they’ll actually ship one out to you, or to non-business addresses. It’s still worth mentioning, however, and trying your luck. Brad Sams reports that he was able to see the Duo at half price all the way through ordering with the address and credit card information.

At any rate, this wouldn’t be the first time that the Surface Duo has been caught at a sale price. Back in October, Microsoft knocked $200 off the price of the device, bringing it down to $1,200.

For some, even $740 might be a price too high to pay, though. As we found in our review, though it’s great for multiple modes of use, the Duo is unlike your typical phone. It lacks the camera quality and 5G connectivity of other phones in the same price range, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Such price cuts on the Duo might be concerning for the fate of the device moving forward. It’s common to see low prices on many tech devices at CDW, but just a few months after its launch, it’s rare to see a Microsoft product at such a low price at the wholesale retailer.

Microsoft committed to three years of Android updates for the Duo, including Android 11, but if one of its retail partners have to discount the device this deep, then it might be struggling to move off shelves.