Microsoft highlights repairability of Surface devices, now sells more common parts to enterprise users

Arif Bacchus

Surface Laptop 4

Of the problems with Surface devices has always been the low repairability score. iFixit famously called the original Surface Laptop a “glued together monstrosity,” but in the years since then, Microsoft has made it easier to replace common parts like the SSD on some Surface products.

In a new blog post, Microsoft acknowledges its own progress, highlighting a commitment to improving “the modularity, reparability, and recyclability” of its own devices. The company also noted that it is now selling more commonly replaced Surface parts to enterprise users.

Available starting October 15, Microsoft will begin shipping additional components like the SSD door, kickstand cover on the Surface Pro 7+ to Microsoft Authorized Device resellers. As for the Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft is planning to ship more parts like the AB-Cover for the display assembly, the C-cover for the keyboard, trackpad, and frame assembly. Meanwhile, with the Surface Pro X, it’s the kickstand and the SSD door. The Surface Pro 7 only gets the kickstand as a purchasable part. A chart summarizes this above.

While these parts aren’t exactly RAM cards, CPUs, or GPUs, and don’t make Surface devices truly modular, it is a small step forward. For enterprise users, now, if something common breaks on a Surface, there’s a higher chance the part can be replaced without throwing away an entire device.