Microsoft releases new Xbox 20th Anniversary and Xbox Sphere clothing lines

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Gear 20th Anniversary Line

Microsoft’s official online Xbox Gear Shop has just launched two new lines of merchandise inspired by the company’s Xbox consoles and video game franchises.

The first line is called the Xbox 20th Anniversary Collection and includes a black hoodie and two T-shirts featuring the logo for the very first Xbox console that launched in North America back in 2001.

The second line of products is referred to as the Xbox Sphere Collection. This series of new T-shirts feature the modern Xbox logo shaded with a design inspired by one of the main first-party Xbox video game series.

Xbox Gear Shop's Xbox Sphere Collection
Xbox Gear Shop’s Xbox Sphere Collection

Six Xbox Sphere T-shirts are currently available to purchase from the Xbox Gear Shop featuring designs inspired by Halo, State of Decay, and Psychonauts. All six are called Wave 1 on the website’s front page which suggests that more T-shirts in the style are on the way.

The Xbox Gear Shop updates with new products on a very regular basis. Last month saw the arrival of official merchandise based on Forza, Halo Infinite, and Psychonauts 2.

After more official Xbox merch? Razer also announced some new Halo-inspired gaming gear earlier this month.

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