Start11 version 1.2 Beta brings back ungrouping to the taskbar feature

Arif Bacchus

Stardock has announced some updates to Start11 beta. The latest version 1.2 release further enhances Windows 11 by bringing back the ability to ungroup items on the taskbar with windows centered or left-aligned.

Along with that ability, there are four other new features in this release. The first is a new option to left-align the Start button but keep application icons centered while grouped or ungrouped. In addition, you can also drag a file to an open app on the taskbar and have it open the file. Third up, for multi-monitors, you can now independently define window grouping on secondary monitors. The last feature is the ability to resize the taskbar to increase its height.

To download the beta, users can login to their Stardock account, where the beta is available in the software section. As a reminder, Start11 is available starting at $5.99 through Stardock, with upgrade pricing for users of Start8 and Start10. It is also included in the Object Desktop suite.