Stardock’s latest Start11 update features new design, easy link discoverability & more

Kevin Okemwa

start11 redesign

Stardock has released a new update, but this time it is more focused on app pages. This has been the company’s pace since the year began with most of the updates released focusing on enhancing the user experience for downloading apps as well as management of subscriptions.

The latest update features a new design as well as messaging capabilities for one of its “most popular applications”, Start11 which is getting several new features, among them, a new page layout that displays larger images and new messaging services for home and business users. What’s more, users will now be able to find links easily.

If you are an avid Stardock user, then you must be aware of how tedious it was to find software trial links for apps while on Start11’s Legacy App Page. But this is no longer the case, the new page layout lays more emphasis on these links. Stardock is also merging the business and consumer pages to further build upon this premise.

The company further indicated that:

While we do currently have pages dedicated to our enterprise clients, we know that most of them initially learn about our products from our consumer pages. By creating one page that can effectively serve both users, we can streamline our navigation and better serve both types of users.

Moving forward the company has plans to roll out these new design updates to more pages in a bid to modernize the experience for users. The first app page will be completed soon as the company is still tweaking the design and mobile layout.