Forza Motorsport support page update unveils more of the game’s tech specs

Robert Collins

We got another look at the upcoming Forza Motorsport at last week’s Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Direct showcase event, with a new video treating fans to breakdown of what to expect with this reboot of the genre-leading racing game series. The game is being touted as the “most technically advanced and authentic racing game we’ve (Turn 10 Studios) ever made.” And the new showcase video did nothing to make us doubt the truth of that statement.

While we still don’t have a specific release date for Forza Motorsport (other than that the game is still slated to release this year), we now know more about the tech specs behind this highly anticipated Xbox title thanks to an updated Forza Motorsport support page.

update main gallery with image: A clean engine bay from a race car in the pit.

Forza Motorsport tech specs

Here are the basics:

  • Xbox Series X—4K/60FPS; ray-tracing
  • Xbox Series S—1080p/60FPS; no word on whether the Series S version specifically will feature in-game ray-tracing
  • Global illumination—”simulating how light accumulates color as it bounces from surface to surface, so a barrier next to a red rumble strip will be influenced by that color, creating a scene where all the pieces are connected.”
  • Convolution reverb—”a hardware-accelerated technique enabled by Xbox Series X|S. It accurately reproduces how sounds interact within an environment to create a realistic and detailed soundscape.”
  • Spectrophotometry—uses a spectrophotometer to “to capture multiple data points of light behavior on a surface. This produces a paint model that has a much more realistic light response across colors, metal flake and gloss levels.”

Forza Motorsport is built specifically for the current-gen Xbox Series X|S console, and promises a generational leap over what came before with more advanced car damage and physics models, dynamic time of day, and more.

Hopefully the game will open to pre-orders soon. In the meantime we leave you with the new showcase video from the Developer_Direct.

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