Some fans are canceling their preorders following Forza Motorsport 60FPS lock announcement

Robert Collins

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In a update a week ago Turn 10 announced that it would lock the framerate for its upcoming Forza Motorsport at 60FPS. According to the post this is being done “to ensure a consistent and competitive online racing experience for all players across a variety of PC hardware configurations and the Xbox Series X|S consoles.”

However, some fans are crying foul over this move. And some have even gone so far as to cancel their preorders of the game. Here is one fan on the r/Forza subreddit expressing their disappointment in the 60FPS multiplayer cap.

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Others on the subreddit said they were canceling their preorders over this issue. Note that the 60FPS cap applies only to multiplayer, since framerate can potentially have an affect on the driving physics and hence, competition. As stated in the post, “unlocked framerates with or without V-Sync enabled are supported for single-player racing in Forza Motorsport.”

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Framerate has been a big hot button topic this console generation. Throughout the leadup to the release of the ninth-gen gaming systems, 120FPS was oft-touted. The reality has turned out to be something quite different however, with many AAA games failing to even hit the 60FPS mark at launch. Examples include Gotham KnightsA Plague Tale: RequiemRedfall and Starfield just to name a few.

Forza Motorsport releases on October 10 for Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S. It will be a day one Xbox Game Pass release.

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