SMS to Excel app is now free on Windows 10 Mobile and PC

Brad Stephenson

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The SMS to Excel app is currently free to own on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The app allows users to export all of their phone’s text messages as an Excel spreadsheet which can be very useful for saving communications or for searching for a specific conversation.

Here’s the official app description:

Backup your Text / SMS Messages from your Phone or Devices with SIMs. The text messages are exported to Excel Sheet. You can select the duration of the messages. Once the messages are exported to Excel sheet, you can use a lot useful features in Excel such as Column Filter.

Your feedback is important. Check your Messages settings and enable message sync to ‘Any time’ which will let this app find all your messages. All your message are available if your had enabled device backup in your Phone settings. On Desktop, the app will only be able to find messages, if your are using Skype to interlink your text messaging service across your devices. Unlimited trial is available.

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SMS to Excel
SMS to Excel
Developer: Ganesh Alhat
Price: Free