No. A new BattleToads Xbox One video game wasn’t just leaked online

Brad Stephenson

A bit of buzz concerning a new BattleToads video game coming to Xbox One has popped up online over the last 24 hours due to an article that pointed out a listing of a BattleToads video game on the official website for David Wise, a video game soundtrack composer.

Many people assumed this was a leak and an unintended confirmation of the existence of a new BattleToads video game being worked on. Unfortunately though, the reason behind this listing is much less exciting. David Wise was simply the composer on the original BattleToads video games and he likely mentioned this franchise on his website due to the series being so well-known and the fact that just last month a special vinyl release of his work on BattleToads in Battlemaniacs was released.

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs Original Soundtrack

Microsoft acquired the rights to the BattleToads characters several years ago and, while the company has yet to reboot the franchise on the Xbox One family of consoles, the characters from the series have appeared as cameos in Shovel Knight, Killer Instinct, and the recent Hollywood blockbuster, Ready Player One. The original BattleToads video game was also made playable on the Xbox One as part of the Rare Replay collection.

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