Skype suffering 2nd day of connectivity issues, acknowledges the problem

Laurent Giret

Microsoft’s Skype messaging app started to suffer from connectivity problems yesterday, with many users being unable to send or receive messages. The company shared that it had fixed the issues after a couple of hours, though it has since acknowledged that some users may still have trouble using the app today (via TechCrunch).

The company shared the following update on the Skype Heartbeat blog a couple of hours ago:

[UPDATE Jun 20, 2017 14:00 GMT]: We’re seeing improvements and users also signal us they can use Skype. However, there are still users that may experience the issue – we’re working on that!

Even though the tweet from Skype’s Support team said that this was a “global incident,” the data from DownDetector shows that the outage seems to mostly affect users in Europe. The app seems to work fine on our end at the time of our writing, though you may have a different experience depending on where you’re located. Let us know in the comments if you still have issues when using the app.