Skype Messaging app for Windows 10 Mobile leaked from the Store

Zac Bowden

The Skype Messaging app for Windows 10 Mobile is now available in beta form from the Windows Store, and includes a new UI for Skype which is very similar to the Messaging app already found on Windows 10 Mobile. This new Skype experience can also send SMS messages, and ultimately can replace the built in Messages app completely.
You can download the app right now from the link below, as it isn’t currently listed in the Store directory if you search for it. Hopefully this app will eventually become the integrated Messaging app, as having two apps that look identical but are named differently will get confusing pretty quickly. Let us know what you think of the beta below.
Keep in mind this beta has not yet been officially announced by Microsoft, so the link could be pulled at any moment.

Image credit: @tfwboredom
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