Skype 5.7 Beta adds new Facebook features, better video calling


Skype has announced that they have added a Facebook to Facebook video call support to their popular software, which now allows users of the popular social network to initiate calls with their webcams to their Facebook friends.

Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows includes a new video rendering feature that offers a smoother video experience for Mac users and group screen sharing for Windows users with a Premium subscription. Users who are chatting one-on-one will also be able to screen share with live video streaming.

In the previous beta builds of Skype, you had the ability to read Facebook messages and IM through Facebook Chat, with the added benefit of seeing recent status updates and the ability to update your own status without even loading up an internet browser.

Skype Mac users will also see an improvement in video quality, with a new rendering engine for smoother results. On top of that, Mac users will have a group screen sharing options, with Desktop sharing as an option.

Skype has also begun to display advertisements into its recent builds.